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Happy International Women’s Day 2022 💗 from Pauline O’Shea

Wishing all the wonderful women of the world in the home, in business, caring for others, dealing with wars, in the world of sports, art, media, volunteering in their communities, in religious life, dealing with challenges, dealing with loss, dealing with children, dealing with elderly parents, living alone, bereaved, separated, living with a health diagnosis, living in poverty, living in loneliness, in fact wishing women everywhere on this earth a day of reflection, love, kindness and some little bit of joy. You are all wonderful, because you have all survived life’s challenges and are still trying! Remember you keep the world going in your way and you make it a better place because of that 💗

Le grà


© Pauline O’Shea

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Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

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