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‘Being Irish’, by Pauline O’Shea… Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘

Photo by gdtography from Pexels

By Pauline O’Shea
Where once the bog road was the way
The Irish of the modern day
Prefer to travel motorways
To work for tech, than go save hay
Where once a granny wore a shawl
And sat by home fires lone and small
Now with her smartphone apps installed
She laughs at gifs and facetime’s all
Where once spuds were the way each day
Now ready meals and pasta’s play
A big part in our fridge displays
For meals on busy working days
Ireland has indeed much changed
Although alas, it still does rain
But mountains have their beauty same
And coasts still yield clean, ocean spray
And Irish music still does sound
And Irish ‘craic’ can still be found
And Guinness here does still abound
And Tayto crisps still hold the crown
And people here still say hello
And follow Gaelic games galore
And talk on ‘Live line’ even more
While Lyons or Barry’s tea still pours
So, reader here of any age
Though Ireland still evolves through change
Rest assured much stays the same
Being Irish, still’s a mighty claim!
© Pauline O’Shea

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