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‘For all the women’, by Pauline O’Shea

This week saw the murder of a beautiful young teacher and talented musician, in Ireland, who simply went for a run by a river on a popular walkway, after work, on a bright January afternoon, only to have it end up costing her, her life. It has shocked our nation, both men and women, who… Continue reading ‘For all the women’, by Pauline O’Shea

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‘This New Year’, by Pauline O’Shea

I hope you all had a good Christmas or at least the comfort of some good love and kindness if you didn't. Today I am feeling more poetic... hope you enjoy this, my latest poem... wishing all who read it, all the good wishes it professes... and that you all may experience the jewels of… Continue reading ‘This New Year’, by Pauline O’Shea

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The medicine of JOY…

In his books about the physiological effects of love, hope, positivity, and joy, on his patient’s recoveries, American oncologist, Dr. Bernie Siegel , leaves the reader in no doubt that these elements are important medicines for the human body. Having read his classics, Love, Medicine and Miracles and Peace, love and healing, I found his… Continue reading The medicine of JOY…

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‘For You’ by Pauline O’Shea

It was a week where the poet in me emerged to the public, finally out of my chrysalis, ready to flap my poetic wings through the use of technology to express my inner world... I hope that readers enjoy 'For You'... ©Pauline O’Shea If you would like to see more poems by Pauline, please click… Continue reading ‘For You’ by Pauline O’Shea