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IT’S A DAY OF CELEBRATION BUT A DAY OF MIXED EMOTIONS TOO for many… those without Dads, for a lifetime, or lost through ill health or death, those who longed to be Dads, but never were, or those who were, but lost a child. And what about all those who have never officially had the title ‘Dad’ but have been the most amazing of Dads to those younger generations that they have taken under their wing? This poem is my attempt to address the bigger picture of the word ‘Dad’ on a day like today…. I hope you enjoy x

Le grà


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“I JUST CAN’T GO THERE!” But what if going to ‘that place’ is key to helping you heal?

With patients, ‘that place’ can refer to the venue where they received their diagnosis and/or treatment, or ‘that place’ where they were when they first noticed the lump, or experienced the sudden pain that would change their lives utterly. For others, it can be more of an experience, ‘that place’ in memory that holds the…

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