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‘THE CLIMB’, by Pauline O’Shea, a reflection and poem for those feeling overwhelmed, lost and alone…

We’ve all been there, those moments in life where life itself can seem more demanding than we are able for, where we feel exhausted before we even start, where we feel alone on our journey. While I am not in that place at this time in my life, I have been! And the reality is, that as I type these words, many thousands of people, perhaps even millions are there right now. It’s a lonely, sad, and pretty hopeless place.

From my home here in Co. Clare, in the west of Ireland, I ask myself, what can I do about it? How can I help the next person entering the arena of overwhelm? Or if they are already there, how can I help them feel less alone, less hopeless in this moment?

My way is words, writing and speaking, so, I have penned a poem, which today I am going to share through as many avenues as possible, not for my flattery, but so that it might reach someone desperate at this time, to encourage them to reach out to friends, family, or if neither of these exist, or can’t be faced, then at least an organisation like The Samaritans, which I mention in the below piece.

In a world where anxiety and depression and suicide are reaching levels previously unseen, I feel I have to do something that at least tries to make a difference to someone… if that someone is you, know you are not alone, you are loved, and that be it friends, family, or organisations like The Samaritans, there are people who want to help you get through this tough time and towards living better days ahead.

Le grà


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2 thoughts on “‘THE CLIMB’, by Pauline O’Shea, a reflection and poem for those feeling overwhelmed, lost and alone…”

  1. Your poem conveys well the feeling of despair at looking at the mountain. Sometimes it’s hard to see the family or friends who will help. Sometimes the first step (or the next step) of the climb is to find those people and reach out to them, because they do exist. Thank you for your caring and work to help others.


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