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‘A HEART’, by Pauline O’Shea… a poem written for everyone who has one!

As a heart patient who has survived multiple heart attacks as a result of a condition called SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection) combined with a medical misdiagnosis, and then went on to experience a cardiac arrest, open heart surgery and a diagnosis of heart failure, you may think I’d sort of fallen out of love with my heart. But, the fact that my heart has survived all these things, and tried to deliver in spite of them over the last ten years, I believe is testament to the fact that really, it is a wonderful heart.

So often in life we can be so tough on ourselves, our bodies and what we/they can’t deliver to this world. I wrote about this in a previous article, ‘In gratitude to the bodies that keep us alive each day’ but today, I have written a poem, to commemorate, not just my heart, but all hearts in this world, because all of us have been through the tough things in life and yet our hearts keep on beating and keep on delivering to us, in spite of the them, yes in spite of the heart breaks, the disappointments, the losses, the grief.

So to all of you, I hope you enjoy this poem and get to feel a little gratitude for that mighty heart within you, without which neither you, nor me, would be here…

Le grà


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