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‘A MOTHER’S DAY FOR ALL’, reflection and poem, by Pauline O’Shea

I am blessed to have my mother still with me, but I know many who do not. I know those too who have lost a child, and those who longed for them but never had them, both having to live with absence in their hearts, often invisible to the outside world.

I have met people who’s mom’s were gold, like a warm blanket, whipping up warm dinners and fussing over them going out with wet hair in case they ‘caught their death’.

I have also met those whose mom’s lacked what we so often call ‘motherly instinct’ or affection and just never seemed to connect with their children in the way that their children deserved.

And then what about all the step moms and guardians and aunties and grannies who have filled the gap of a mother lost to her children for some reason, how amazing are they?

Or how about those who gave their lives to other causes, no less serving the world’s needs, nurturing much by way of helping others.

I think of all these today, because I wonder how excluded some might feel from the label ‘Mother’s Day’, how sad, how lost, how much it may trigger a painful part of life and some letting go they may have needed to do at one time.

So for EVERYONE today, even those who had bad experiences, as well as those who have had good, for those for whom sorrow comes today, as well as joy, I have written a poem that I hope makes you feel included, loved, valued and able to celebrate this day in your own way, and to know that your life, regardless of being mothered or mothering in a traditional sense is worth so, so, much, today and everyday. I hope you enjoy… 💟

And just before I let you to reading it, I would like to say a big thank you to my own Mom, Sheila (beside me in main picture with this post) for still showing up and being there for me in so many ways, over the decades, for ever evolving to my latest round of needs, from baby to now, for encouraging me when I’m down, for the hugs and the laughs and the cups of tea, for minding my children when I was too sick to do so, and for her ongoing help with attacking the laundry with me and the God awful job of pairing the socks! And of course for her non stop praying for me, thinking of me and worrying about me. Go raibh mile maith agat a Mhathair 🌹

Le grà

Pauline x

A Mother’s Day for All

by Pauline O’Shea
For Mothers here and everywhere,
Who feel the joy, or the despair,
Of what it means to really care,
For offspring of all stages here
For children who’ve been mothered so,
Adopted, fostered, or from the womb,
Or nurtured by a guardian too,
This day’s a day to give thanks too
For those who yearn for those not here,
The child not born, lost, or deceased,
Or mothers whose time here has ceased,
Know angel love surrounds your face
For those who chose no parent call,
But still do much to serve us all,
Know that we appreciate all
You do to make life wonderful
For those who suffer memories toll,
Of Mother’s not meeting their call,
With responses not good, or small,
You’re worth so much, stand righteous tall
This day is for all creatures here,
To celebrate those who appear,
To help us get from birth to here,
Know love like that lasts eternally

© Pauline O’Shea
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